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    Das Projekt GamcHHa stellt handgemachte und erschwingliche Seidenschals in einer außergewöhnlichen Qualität her. GamcHHa produziert in Bhagalpur, der „Silk City of India“, unter fairen und nachhaltigen Bedingungen.


    Project GamcHHa is the founding of a business — with a social footprint – to produce handmade silk in Bhagalpur, a traditional silk-weaving center in India.
    The project aims to provide a team of local weavers with: a decent workplace, an opportunity to collaborate with designers and artists-in-residence to imbue their craft with current fashion and the promise of co-ownership of the venture to ensure an equity of effort and profit for all involved in the venture.
    The enterprise is set up in a disused 1960s factory building in Bhagalpur, which the project team is currently renovating.

    The GamcHHa-story is straightforward:
    The team thinks that the masters of Bhagalpur — most of whom have become journeymen over the years on account of poverty resulting from economic and social challenges — must get a better deal for their craft.
    This would be possible when the value of their craft could be increased and shared equitably. GamcHHa wants to achieve that.

    Bhagalpur is an old town on the river Ganges in the central-eastern state of Bihar, India. It doesn’t have a commercial airport but can be reached by train from Patna (5 hours) or by an overnight train from Kolkata.
    With poor infrastructure, modern-day Bhagalpur is a poor shadow of the town in the past but remains an important commercial centre. It is an important silk exporter and is popularly known as the silk-city.


    Kontakt: Amitabh Thakur, amitabh(at)gamchha.com

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